Ishow Shapewear


Experience an instant body shaping and posture improving solution for our gorgeous ladies.

Introducing ISHOW Shapewear, the new modernised shapewear that provide not just shaping benefits but also health benefits! Let us help you to levelled your fats to more desired areas with Kivie ISHOW shapewear. 

Using high quality Lycra from America, our shapewear ensures you comfort to carry you throughout the whole day. High quality Lycra has great breathability too that allows your skin to breathe well with good circulation. You will not feel stuffy at all!

Implanted with volcanic energy stone, it enhances our blood circulation too while providing other health benefits. It protects our uterus by keeping it warm and eliminates toxins from our body. With prolong wearing, it helps to ease off menstrual cramps. Furthermore, it protects our back and enhance our posture better. A great posture speaks a whole new level into your elegance! 

P.S Do note that for every 2 sets of shapewear purchase, you will be entitled to 1 Basic bras for FREE!

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