Oxygen Plus+


Upgrade Version of Oxygen

2x More comfort, Better Shape, Better Health.
Upgraded version to provide you with 5 New Innovations

1. Better elasticity with no curlings

2. Patent mould cup that fits a more varsity of audiences of different sizes

3. Stitches FREE 

4. Seamless Cut from the Front to back 

5. 24/7 Protection 

Designed with the technology of Japan, Korea and China.

Japan's resin dispensing process, it's so soft as though you're not wearing one at all.   
Korea's microfiber yarn that are suitable even for baby's skin
China's patent breathable padding for you to stay comfortable throughout the hot weather.  

Oxygen is tested to be 60% lighter than typical bras. It is so soft that you can even wear it to sleep to protect your breast shape.

It is great to wear for light workout session such as yoga, for sleep, daily work routine, pregnancy or during the time of the month where we experienced tender breast. 

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